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Tantra Big-12 Cream (Herbal Products)

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Active Ingredient/Drug SaltHerbal Products
StrengthSee Description
Dosage FormCream
ManufacturerLaborate Pharmaceuticals
Packaging50 gm cream in a tube
Delivery Time12-18 Working Days

Buy Tantra Big 12 Cream Online, which is Men’s Health medication, and it contains Herbal Products. Undoubtedly, herbal cream for penis enlargement is effective. Tantra Big-12 cream has no side-effect & helps achieve an erection with regular use twice a day.

Many men suffer from the inability to get and keep an erection known as erectile dysfunction. This inability leads to lower self-esteem, confidence, and even breaks relationships. However, you needn’t worry; there is a safe and powerful completely herbal cream available to treat it, buy tantra big 12 cream online.

What is Tantra Big-12 Cream?

Tantra Big-12 Cream is an entirely herbal product cream that provides strength, tightening, and enhances the length of the penis for a better sexual experience. This herbal cream has a great blend of herbal ingredients which naturally enhances the penis size without any side-effects. The cream has corticosteroids which have anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, anti-proliferative, and vasoconstrictor actions that enhance the size of the penis.

How to Use Herbal Cream?

Buy Tantra Big-12 Cream online, which is recommended for usage twice a day. Clean the genital area and wipe dry. Take a small amount of cream on the finger and apply it gently massaging until completely absorbed.

Tantra Big-12 Cream Dosage

Tantra Big-12 Cream is used twice a day for three months to obtain better results or should be used as recommended by the physician. The formula is entirely herbal and causes no ill effects. However, to ensure the authenticity of the herbal cream, buy it from a reputed source only.

Tantra Big-12 Cream Interaction

It is recommended not to use the Tantra Big-12 cream is one is already taking other medicines. Like Yagara or Kamagra for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement as it can cause adverse effects. Further, it should not be used by men sensitive to corticosteroids or any other component of the herbal cream.

Side Effects of Herbal Cream

Tantra Big-12 Cream does not cause any side-effects. But some people may experience minor side effects like chronic trouble sleeping, increased hunger, nervousness, redness of the skin, and stinging sensation. If any of these side-effects occur, stop using the cream, and seek medical assistance.

Substitutes of Tantra Big-12 Cream

  • Penon Cream
  • Climax
  • Staxyn
  • Provocative Gel

Buy Tantra Big-12 Cream Online

Buy Tantra Big 12 cream online from a reputed source like the Dose Pharmacy and get it delivered at your door.


What are the uses of Tantra Big-12 Cream?

Tantra Big-12 Cream provides a natural gain in length and girth of the penis. It increases the testosterone levels while improving overall sexual appetite and energy to satisfy your partner.

How to store Herbal Cream?

Store the cream at room temperature between 15° to 30° and away from direct heat and moisture.

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