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Moisol Eye Drop (Hpmc Drop)

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Active Ingredient/Drug SaltHpmc Drop
Dosage FormEye Drop
ManufacturerFdc Ltd
Packaging5 ml in a bottle
Delivery Time12-18 Working Days

Buy Hpmc Eye Drop Online, which is Eye Care medication, and it contains Hpmc Drop. Moisol Eye Drop is used as a lubrication agent for treating dry and irritated eyes. Its substitute is HPMC eye drop that is also known as ‘artificial tears’.

How to Use Moisol Eye Drop?

Take the exact number of drops as advised by your ophthalmologist. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes before delivering any other medication in the same eye to avoid dilution. Take Moisol Eye Drop daily at a fixed time as it increases the efficiency of the drug. If you have a missed dose of HPMC Eye Drop, then apply it as soon as possible, or if it is the time for the next dose, then skip this one. Don’t start or stop this medication on your consult your doctor before doing that.

Side Effects of HPMC Eye Drop

Moisol Eye Drop may have some side effects when administered in the eyes. The side effects are as follows: -Blurred vision, Decrease/loss of vision, Eye pain, Excessive tearing of the eye, Redness in and around the eyes.

15 reviews for Moisol Eye Drop (Hpmc Drop)

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